soft webbing sling

soft webbing sling


100% high tensile polyester material

With reinforced lifting eyes

Low elongation

Wear resistant

Length available:1m up to 10m

Single ply or double plies


1.We treasure and try to understand all the different needs of our clients and seek to forge a long term professional relationship with them.

The satisfaction of each and every customer is our main goal and motivation in conducting our business.
2.Our products are of HIGH quality standards and always come with certificate of compliance by the manufacturers.


The unique advantages of soft webbing sling:
Can be single ply or double ply,sewing method is different.
The specification can be adjust according to the customer ' needs.
No damages to tender objects.
Various loading methods.
High strength/weight ratio.



Use and Maintenance Guide of Soft Webbing Sling

The hoisting object should not exceed rated load.

Dont drag on the ground or other surface with strong friction.

Dont twist or knot the sling.

Dont drag the hoisting object when its on the sling.

The rigging is un-repairable.

Store away from mechanical articles, use in the range of -40°C-100°C.

Dont directly touch sharp things.

Check it up before each use.

Consider whether it is suitable before each use.

Keep hoisting steady.

soft webbing sling


Recent Reviews ( 4 )
Хорошее качество, очень мягкие и прочные
The thing is very good, I have bought it several times, and I recommend it to everyone
Not easy to damage, very wear - resistant,this is my third purchase,You can rest assured to buy
The quality is very good, the workshop has used it in the past, and the feedback is good, I need to buy it again next time