Electric Winch 


Compact, general purpose 240v electric hoist is ideal for all manner of lifting applications. Electric Winch is easy to install. It is supplied with special fixing clamps for simple section beam fitting (square section beams). This hoist has 3m remote switch with power in & power out facility.

Drum transmission structure: Planet gears transmission. Coupling leads the drum directly. Easy to replace rejected wire rope or change the rotation direction of wire rope.

Wire rope fixing: Add one PT screw drum, more safe than normal wire rope fixing, make sure no escape of wire rope form drum.

Brke mechanism: Electriomagnetism brake. Select wearable brake slice. It will brake automaticlly when out of power, and control the drop distance of heavy loads, safe and reliable.

Gear box: Made of ductile cast iron FCD-45# steel, durable and nonbreakable.

Dviving gear: Made of high quality steel, heat treatment and high precision process. It has the features of wearable, low noise, high driving efficiency and good paerformance.

Manchine fixture: Standard channel steel welded. It's conventient used for building sites, storage and port etc.

Special motor: Isulated B. With the features of big start torque, small inertia, lower temperature rise. Work for long time.

Electric Winch

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