Creeper Gourd DHP 5 ton

Creeper Gourd DHP 5 ton

Creeper Gourd DHP 5 ton is a new type lifting equipment with the advantages of light weight and small volume. It is an ideal facility for lifting, transportation, loading and unloading goods. This group of products is applicable to the hanging, climbing frame high-rise building. Creeper Gourd DHP 5 ton is extensively used in machining workshops, warehouses, docks, construction line, and shops of various production lines. Being applied in narrow working places, it is exceptionally flexible, convenient and of high efficiency. 

Creeper Gourd DHP 5 ton electric chain hoists lifting equipment Feature

1.Driven by the plate type braking motor and decelerated by the reducer

2.Advanced structure, remarkable frame,

3.Small,light,effcient,convenient.reliable to brake and easy to maintain which is enjoying high popularity in the world for saving labor and improving efficiency.


Creeper Gourd DHP 5 ton technical parameter:

Creeper Gourd DHP 5 ton

1 Year
After Warranty Service:
Online support
maximum capacity:
20 ton
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